Judge William Adams releases statement


Judge William Adams

This is a statement from Judge William Adams, released through his Attorney  William Dudely
“The seven year old video presently circulating the internet and now made the basis of international media attention, showing two parents disciplining their 16 year old daughter, who had been caught, by her own televised and internet reported admissions, engaged in repeated criminal activity, was posted for reasons other than as professed by the publisher.

It is regrettable that Hillary Adams, a bright and gifted person, would include in her post that she is or was a disabled or a special needs child. As multiple media appearances clearly demonstrate, Hillary Adams is articulate, possesses a superior IQ, and is capable of functioning as a productive adult in today’s complex society. No one should take the affliction of cerebral palsy lightly. Hillary’s parents did not. Hillary’s condition was monitored as a child and her medical needs met. However, neither should a perfectly capable adult try to use an affliction as a device for media sympathy. It should now be apparent to the world that “disabled” was mislabeled.

In response to the internet post, the media has appropriately attempted to understand why Hillary Adams chose the present time to disseminate the video. To many, her answers to those questions have been confusing and hollow. As she has said by recent interview, she “hoarded” the secret tape for future use, but has not explained, even now, for what purpose. Very few people find palatable her claim that it was to “help” her father.

Perhaps Hillary Adams should explain, if she felt she was raised by a tyrannical father, a claim shared with no one until five years after adulthood, why she insisted on living with her father and not her mother from the time of her parent’s divorce, until she moved out on her own. Hillary Adams has been living on her own for some time, and has been an adult for almost six years, so why post the video in late 2011?

William Adams is of the opinion that Hillary Adams is an extremely bright, highly functional, adult. The media has described her as a piano prodigy, who has competed at Carnegie Hall on multiple occasions. As one of Hillary’s long term teachers noted in the press, Hillary, so close to accomplishment, has of recent “inexplicably dropped out, just two classes shy of completing her [college] studies.” The video in question was recorded well before Hillary graduated high school. If the public must know, just prior to the You Tube upload, a concerned father shared with his 23 year old daughter that he was unwilling to continue to work hard and be her primary source of financial support, if she was going to simply “drop out”, and strive to achieve no more in life than to work part time at a video game store. Hillary warned her father if he reduced her financial support, and took away her Mercedes automobile, which her father had provided, he would live to regret it. The post was then uploaded. The public may wonder if this is the tyranny of which Hillary Adams speaks as her reason to disseminate the video seven years after it was recorded, and five years into adulthood? Is this the reason she “hoarded” the video for seven years?

William Adams regrets the interruption and inconvenience his daughter’s post has caused to the Aransas County, Texas community. Judge Adams is confident that when the dust settles and international media attention has passed, and the work ahead, whether civil, criminal, or administrative has taken it’s full course and has been fully developed, with an opportunity for all sides to ask and answer relevant questions, it will be concluded that Hillary Adam’s actions in 2011 were misguided and misleading.

Judge Adams regrets, if true, that his daughter believes he is in need of healing from the family divorce. Divorce is certainly traumatic, and takes a significant toll on all, especially children. Judge Adams is of the opinion that Hillary’s gesture is little more than a much needed but hard to believe explanation of why she chose to post the video. If this entire event was a plea for help and healing, the methodology is certainly unorthodox. Judge Adams, who among other reasons, still has a minor daughter to consider, chooses to involve the media as little as possible whilst personal family matters are sorted through. The public may ponder what consideration Hillary Adams gave her little sister before subjecting the entire family to world-wide microscopic scrutiny, and permanent consequences.

It is Judge Adams’ civic responsibility to respond to whatever investigations may result from a revelation of the disciplinary actions resorted to by his former wife and him on the viral video. Those investigations will require answers to many questions raised by the media and public and for which no appropriate forum has been chosen to date. He is confident the process will be managed in accordance with the law. For the sake of his family, co-workers, and Aransas County officials who must endure the additional work and expense, he wishes that the process not be played out daily on a national stage.”

Is Hillary Adams trying to cash in on her family turmoil?


The judge talking to a reporter yesterday. Photo http://www.kristv.com

A local news channel in Corpus Cristi caught up with the judge yesterday, who fessed up to being the child beater in his daughters video.

As you can imagine he didn’t have much to say,  but he briefly mentioned an argument over a car and it sounds like Hilary might have been pissed off  over  having  to return a car to her father.  I don’t know what exactly went on, but I picked up on a few things while reading Hillary Adam’s tweets and I’m getting a feeling of deja vu.

Hillary Adams yesterday outside her mother's house in Portland, Tx.

I had a feeling she was over her head after her video went viral yesterday. It wasn’t long before she tweeted:

Thank you to everyone for your support. I hope my father will finally see his behavior from an objective point of view.

Soon followed by:

I’m feeling some regret for publishing the video because to ruin my own father is heavy indeed. But I really want him to seek help

After reading messages and posts all over the internet, she posted the following, a short while later:

I am still shocked that so many people are this enraged. But please, don’t threaten my father. I only want him to finally repent.

Hillary however appears to be ill-equipped and unprepared to deal with the consequences of posting such a video on-line and it’s reflected in other tweets:

My friends are recommending finding a good defense attorney, but the problem is that my bank account has two digits. Any tips?

I sent her a message saying I could recommend a few attorneys in Austin, but never got a response, although she had responded to other messages from me.  Already I could see the vulture ‘s in disguise as journalists and others circling in and she being out of her depth.

It showed in more twitter messages she posted:

It is my wish that people stop threatening my father and start offering professional help. That is what he really needs.

Please spread the word that my father needs professional help and not hatred. We can offer him the tools to be a better person.

That’s when I realised as  damaged as she was by her fathers abuse, she was maybe having regrets and even confused about airing her families dirty laundry  publicly.  At that point I suggested maybe she stopped posting and offering interviews.

All the news outlets contacting me: If we have not already spoken, then I will not be able to contact you today. Please be patient.

Yesterday evening (UK time) she posted:

On a flight to New York! And there is a kitty cat on board.

At that point I realised she had been sucked in. Taken in by the allure of the media and the attention she has been receiving from millions, the gal just couldn’t resist and was on her way to the big apple last night. I just hope she got some shut-eye on the flight as it appears she didn’t go to bed after the video went viral….to be expected I guess, but you can only get off on adrenaline for a short time.

Hillary is making a big mistake jetting off to New York and allowing the world into her family’s turmoil but it’s become the norm to wring out families dirty secrets in public, disguised as cathartic and intervention.  But how do you heal so publicly? I can’t think of a worse way to deal with personal demons  and in the Adam’s family case, it is another reality show I don’t need.

By late night I started looking at the Adams family tale of horror a whole ‘nother way, especially after she tweeted she was on her way to New York. Are these two looking for their own reality show or Book deal?  Next stop one of the two charlatans – Dr Drew or Dr Phil?

Mother and daughter - Hallie and Hillary Adams (right) interviewed by Matt Lauer on NBC's Today show this morning.

This morning Hillary and her mother were primed and  polished in the make up room before they sat down to talk with Matt Lauer.  Hallie claimed Judge Adams has an addiction problem but didn’t expand and both mother and daughter claimed they are constantly harassed by William Adams, despite Hallie leaving the marriage 4 years ago and Hillary living over 170 miles away in San Antonio. They claimed he has harassed them via email, text and phone and again didn’t give specific details. In fact the interview didn’t shed light on anything.

There are laws against harassment and intimidation in Texas, so could they not take incriminating emails to law enforcement? In fact neither made much sense when Matt Lauer asked why she waited so long, she said she didn’t want her father to lose his job and she didn’t know what would happen to her little sister, she and her mother.

Lauer pointed out that her father isn’t up for  re-election for another three years, so why pick now to reveal the video.  Again they brought up the continuous harassment blah blah.

As someone who went to school between the 70’s and early 80’s I remember getting whooped at catholic school and my father didn’t spare the rod a couple of times with my siblings and I. Grant you, nothing like the Adams assault. In fact back then it was quite common in African and Caribbean families.

Did I enjoy getting licks at school? Hell no and after one too many I struggled with a teacher, took the cane out of her hands and whooped the daylights out of her in the staff room. What happened after that is a whole  ‘nother blog post.

Could Hillary at 23 be financially dependent on her father? So it seems from a post on Twitter this afternoon :

Hillary’s father has terminated her phone number/plan (and no access to a PC). This is her friend checking in to update on her behalf.

Now you can’t blame him for doing that can you? There is a possibility she lost it after he wanted the car back and stopped her monthly allowance.  She said she told him she would post the video on-line, but being the arrogant son of a bitch he is, he dared her. She called his bluff and now she’s all giddy jetting to New York and being pursued by big time journalists and TV presenters and tweeting that her bra will show if  she wears a particular top. For a gal who claims her bank balance 2 digits a paid trip to New York isn’t a bad gig, so you can’t blame her chosing them over local news out lets.

Clearly Judge Adams is in the wrong. That wasn’t a spanking he gave, but a full on assault on a teenage girl and if she is serious about wanting to help him and not revenge. She would have said “OK I did it, let’s all go to therapy”.

Having  strangers over the internet whip themselves into a frenzy, to the point of making death threats to your father is not cool.  Listen, he may be a douche bag, but he’s your douche bag. Deal with it with his superiors, the law courts and therapy as a family.

Come to think of it, the Adams family woes is nothing extraordinary except that he presides over family matters and he got taped  beating the day lights of his sixteen year old daughter.

What to do with the judge? Remove him from the bench, with all this bad publicity all he may be able to do is low grade ambulance chasing with an office in a dodgy part of town.

Watch the interview with Matt Lauer

Judge William Adams of Aransas County Texas is toast



I’m not sure when Judge Adams is up for re-election, but I’m doubtful if he will be re-elected after this video went viral last night . Coincidentally this guy is a family law judge. There again we’re talking Texas, the same state that executes the mentally ill, so he just might be re-elected with a pat on the back.

His daughter Hillary Adams who was born with  ataxic cerebral palsy, recently uploaded this video of him whooping the hell out of her when she was sixteen yrs old, in 2004, for downloading games and music. Her mother joins in.

And it’s not just his daughter Hillary, a lot of others think Judge Adams is corrupt, not pleased with his judgements and want to see the guy gone. While main stream media haven’t caught up, it’s all over the net in forums, blogs and social net works.  I can only assume someone is going to have a full inbox this morning.

Judge William Adams - taken from Aransas County 's website.

So far his home address, phone number and other personal info has been posted on forums all over the internet. Not sure posting his home address is a good idea…A lawyer told me once that it wasn’t drug dealers and your run of the mill criminal he feared, it was plaintiffs and defendants in family and divorce courts.

The video is accompanied by a detailed summary:

2004: Aransas County Court-At-Law Judge William Adams took a belt to his own teenage daughter as punishment for using the internet to acquire music and games that were unavailable for legal purchase at the time. She has had ataxic cerebral palsy from birth that led her to a passion for technology, which was strictly forbidden by her father’s backwards views. The judge’s wife was emotionally abused herself and was severely manipulated into assisting the beating and should not be blamed for any content in this video. The judge’s wife has since left the marriage due to the abuse, which continues to this day, and has sincerely apologized and repented for her part and for allowing such a thing, long before this video was even revealed to exist. Judge William Adams is not fit to be anywhere near the law system if he can’t even exercise fit judgement as a parent himself. Do not allow this man to ever be re-elected again. His “judgement” is a giant farce. Signed, Hillary Adams, his daughter.

It’s not clear why she waited so long or who placed the recording device in her room, but Hillary is out to get him and wants the world to know the type of human he is.

You go girl!


Edit:   I’ve been able to read some of the posts on Reddit where Hillary originally posted a link and it appears that the good judge has made several controversial rulings. It appears he and other lawyers took it on to an internet forum, it may not be him, but the people concerned knew an awful lot.

“Once he went off on me because I said he was a Dorian Gray to my friends.  Any tiny little slander he would blow out of proportion.  Welp…”  she posted on Twitter

“I was holding onto the video until the right time,” says Hillary, “and after a barrage of harassment from my father over the phone, I snapped and finally uploaded it. Now I’m sorry I didn’t do it sooner.”

However she appears to be taken back by the support she has received world wide;  “I am still shocked that so many people are this enraged. But please, don’t threaten my father. I only want him to finally repent.”

After posting the video to youtube, Hillary Adams posted a link on reddit last night. That’s when it kicked off.


The power of the internet huh?

November 2, 2011

ARANSAS COUNTY, TEXAS – Judge Burt Mills has today announced that Aransas County is aware of the video posted on YouTube regarding County Court-at-Law Judge William Adams, and the matter is now under review by the Police Department. Please refrain from communication with County offices or the Sheriff’s Department on this matter until the review has been completed. Calls, emails, and faxes only create disruptions for other ongoing county business. The public’s cooperation would be most appreciated.


Judge William Adams Responds To Videotaped Beating

11:34 AM

ROCKPORT – Aransas County Court at Law Judge William Adams has spoken to our Andy Liscano about a video the judge’s daughter posted on Youtube showing a beating in 2004.

Judge Adams told us, “It happened years ago.. I apologized.”

When asked if he thought the conduct in the video was excessive, Judge Adams said, “It’s not as bad as it looks on tape.”

Judge Adams also informed us he has already contacted the Judicial Review in Austin and “more will come out” during the investigation.

From http://www.kristv.com Corpus Cristi Tx

Post Halloween photos


Can anyone confirm this is or is not Prince Charles

I didn’t do Halloween this year, in fact I haven’t done Halloween in a few years. The closest I got to it was designing a relatives display inside and outside her house, carving pumpkins on Friday night and the sweet potato pie I made yesterday.

Any way I took these photo’s from someone elses Facebook.


This was daddy's idea. Click to enlarge photo.

Pumpkin carving, wine sippin’ and show tunes – Happy Halloween!


Ruff Ruff

Hi Everyone, I’m Deefer one of the Duchess hounds and I pretty much call the shots amongst the others. It feels odd calling her “duchess”, but I guess that’s what y’all know know her as.

Yesterday evening found The Duchess busy pumpkin carving with two of her buddies, Conrad and Sharona although it’s a shame we won’t be seeing any of them around here. She says the pumpkins will attract little cretins children and she doesn’t want them knocking the door all evening long.  She can be quite grumpy for a champion pumkin carver :),  she’s carved at least 10 (for other people) this week and did a wicked decoration lay out at our aunties her sisters house.

But I found more disturbing was all three of them screeching (you can’t call it singing) to one of the Duchesses favorite musicals – Pal Joey. You have no idea how many times she’s watched it, especially her all time favorite scene, when Rita Hayworth does that little routine – you should see the Duchess attempt to copy her. Shame I couldn’t video her, you would piss  fall over laughing…she really thinks she’s that good. Lucky for her the other dogs love it and yip and yap with excitement like the fools they are.

Any way better close her lap top and go for a pee, scratch and sniff around in the back yard.

Police: Stuart Walker faced indecency charges on a minor


Could this be the reason why Stuart was killed? My mum thinks it could be. Me? I’m keeping an open mind. I did find the manner he was killed a little OTT and based on something a homicide cop told me years ago, figured it was someone he knew. What did he tell me? If I posted it I’d be accused of being homophobic, so I’ll keep shut about that theory.

Strathclyde Police said a report had been sent to the procurator fiscal (for you yanks  Americans that’s the DA’s office)  in August, after Mr Walker was accused of indecency involving a 12-year-old boy.  However they say there is nothing to suggest there is a connection.

The case was still being investigated until his murder, but has now been closed.

You know what, even if they did think there was a connection, they wouldn’t be putting it out to the public right now, but do you think they are trying to unrattle the killers? Or do you think they released that bit of information before it came out?

Regardless, I hope they find Stuart’s killers soon.